Custer’s Last Band

The Original Custer’s Last Band

On June 22, 1876, the American 7th Cavalry and the regimental band were led out of Fort Abraham Lincoln in North Dakota by Colonel Custer in order to fight the Sioux tribe. The band played “Boots and Saddles”, and then,  Custer’s favourite, “Garry Owen”, (which you can hear playing). This latter tune is now associated with the 7th Cavalry’s defeat by the Sioux at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Before the battle commenced, the band, (apart from one unlucky bugler), were ordered to walk back to the Fort, where the players celebrated the 4th July in style.

This was the last band that Custer was associated with, since neither he nor the rest of the 7th Cavalry, (including the solitary bugler), survived the infamous battle, immortalised as Custer’s Last Stand.

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